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Over five years ago, Bach's Home Health Care Supply developed the concept of providing specific women's fitting and consultation services within each of our locations. Appropriately called, "Touch of Elegance" our certified staff of consultants provide services in:

  • Post Mastectomy fittings
  • Prosthesis, silicone and formed
  • Lumbar(back) appliances
  • Breast pump feeding and accessories
  • Compression therapy, surgical stockings
  • Lymphedema sleeves

If you are a recent post mastectomy patient, about 4 to 6 weeks after your surgery your physician will allow you to be fitted with an external breast prosthesis. Our staff will put your mind at ease and offer you the selection you deserve with your initial appointment. Allow about 45 minutes for this visit, and you will go home with your selection in hand due to the large inventory that our stores keep in stock.

In a number of cases, some other complications may develop such as prolonged swelling and puffiness or lower back pain. Our staff will assist you in getting through these complications if they should develop. Keep in mind our staff are all certified by manufacturers such as Amoena/Coloplast, Nearly Me and Camp Orthopedics/Trulife and licensed by ABC and BOC to provide these services.

Just call our toll free number 800-272-7043, or any of our individual locations for prompt professional service and answers to any questions you may have.

I just had a mastectomy and my physician says I am ready for a prosthesis. Why do I need an appointment?

Our policy is to set aside about an hour for an intial fitting and consultation. Our certified fitters want to make sure you have been explained all of your options and we have addressed all concerns prior to doing the fitting. Also, by setting this up in advance we can pre-certify your insurance and determine their reimbursement. The concept of appointments does upset some patients, BUT we typically can see a patient the next day, so it really is not a factor. Plus we have multiple fitters, all locations, therefore a delay is rarely an issue.

My back really hurts and my physician says I may need a back brace. Any thoughts?

More common than you may think, back pain after having breast surgery or having a child is not uncommon. This is due to a lot of strain on the spine, causing stress in the back where you did not experience it before. In many cases, compression back supports will do the trick. If not, our fitters will work with your physician in determining a more aggressive orthopedic appliance.

I just got a mastectomy fitting last month. When can I get another prosthesis?

Unfortunately, the rules have changed recently with Medicare, which is the most common insurance mastectomy patients have. The old concept of one prosthesis and two mastectomy bras per year are out the window. First, we need to rely on the manufacturer's warranty if there are any defects. If the reason for another fitting is that you have lost or gained weight, or some other medical complication, all insurances will work to get you a replacement.

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