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Orthopedic Appliances

Orthopedic Appliances for your Body
Wide Selection of Sport Supports

Orthopedic appliances range from the simplest of supports, like compression bandages and pull on sleeves, to the most complicated of devices requiring exact measurements and critical locations of anatomical prominences on the body. In some cases, a patient “cast” may be required to achieve an optimal fit with a truly customized orthopedic appliance.

For all areas of the body, we supply the following:

  • Neck and Cervical Area ie, Philadelphia Collars
  • Shoulder ie, Stabilizing bracing
  • Elbow ie, Tennis Elbow
  • Wrist ie, Carpal Tunnel
  • Knee ie, ACL or Patella Bracing
  • Lumbar ie, Knight-Taylor Splint
  • Ankle ie, Aircast/Pneumatic

Call for an appointment or stop by any of our locations for immediate attention. Physicians should fax their orders to 908-813-3002 for proper handling and scheduling. All of the Bach's showrooms are equipped to handle patient fittings.

For custom orthotics and prosthetics, "Performance Custom Bracing" will custom fabricate all braces based on physician orders. Typically, these will require at least two patient appointments, one for consultation and measurements and a second visit for fitting and education of your new appliance.

I've called around trying to find the brace my doctor ordered but it appears everyone is using different terms for what I think are the same thing. Is that possible?

Yes, and it is confusing. Some physicians do not write all the specifics of a brace request on their orders since they typically have a local orthotist who knows their routine orders. When a patient goes outside the area, that's when things get confusing. And to be quite honest, some physicians leave the details up to the supplier to consult with the patient and get the order correct. Call us at 800-272-7043 or FAX us your order at 908-813-3002 or e-mail us at and we will get you the right appliance, guaranteed!

Aren't these items available in the local chain drug store?

Hardly! The items you see in mass merchants, supermarkets and drug stores are typically of a lower quality designed to keep the price down. Most, if not all, of our patients require rehabilitation, intense therapy, or just need a better quality brace due to their higher activity levels. A young soccer player in need of foot orthotics or heel cushions due to growth spurts (which can really hurt a lot!) would go thru many inexpensive items making it more expensive overall anyway. Even the weekend warriors try to give it a go again next weekend but may make it thru this time if they have the right brace in place.

I received a very expensive knee brace from my physician. Can I get it replaced at your facility?

Absolutely, and we will work with your insurance to see if they will pay for the replacement. If not, we can typically work with you on getting manufacturer discounts or other alternatives.

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