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The certified seating and positioning team from Bach's Home Health Care Supply is available for consultation and professional advice at anytime. From pediatrics to geriatrics, our mobility personnel can answer all questions on power mobility equipment (such as 3 and 4 wheeled scooters, power wheelchairs and patient lifts), adaptive seating items, custom fabrication of positioning devices and prescription wheelchairs and medical equipment.

Our staff consists of:

  • Rehab Technology Specialists
  • Certified Technicians
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Insurance Reimbursement Specialists

Just one simple phone call will "set the wheels in motion" regarding insurance reimbursement, inventory tracking, physician certifications and therapist recommendations to achieve patient satisfaction. Evaluations by our certified staff can be accomplished in your physician’s office, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and patients homes.

For Medicare coverage, you MUST have the following:

  1. Two separate diagnosis, one of which justifies that fact you need a wheelchair. The second diagnosis indicates some sort of upper body weakness due to musculoskeletal, neuromuscular or cardio-pulmonary disease.
  2. You are unable to self propel the manual wheelchair
  3. Use of the power mobility device can be safely and routinely used in the patients home
  4. The physician has had a face to face patient visit within 30-45 days of the prescription being generated. With the prescription, Medicare will require copies of the patient chart notes that justify the power mobility evaluation and results.

Can I rent a wheelchair?

Of course! We offer the ability to rent or buy all types of mobility products. Often short term rentals are just what is needed, such as for family outings or minor rehab issues. Day, week or month.... Your Choice! For longer term rentals we recommend calling our office for assistance with insurance reimbursement, including Medicare and Medicaid.

How many different types of wheelchairs can there be?

Wow! Where do we start... I guess the first determination is how are you going to drive the chair, manually or power. After that we need to determine the correct size of the wheelchair for you. Certainly your environment is important to the decision making process, ie door widths, stairs and steps, table heights, etc. But remember we always fit the wheelchair to the patient, NOT your doorways or house dimensions. We can always change doorway widths, use special hinges or move furniture around. We cannot change your height and weight, and you must be comfortable in the chair to avoid pain.

I have steps everywhere. What are my options?

The easiest answer is a portable ramp to get over a few steps. They do not require building permits, can be taken down easily and are very cost effective answers to the step dilemna. They come in many sizes, can be rented or purchased, and will easily hold the weight of the patient, the chair and a caregiver. Another option, are the stairway elevators, also known as StairGlides to many people. Bach's Home Health Care Supply has their own staff of certified technicians for evaluation, measurements and installation. By being in control of the project start to finish, we get the job done in days, not weeks.

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